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Testimonials - Wookii


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 Just wanted to let you know how amazing we think your product is. For many years our dog Wookii, even though he is only 6 years old, has suffered with pain, arthritis and joint stiffness from a cruciate ligament repair operation and other genetic problems.

Just over a month ago our vet told us that he needed a cruciate repair on his other hind leg, also x-rays showed severe deterioration in his hips and one ankle. We were saddened to hear that the future was more than likely going to be about just making him comfortable and managing his pain.

We were unable to go ahead with the operation because his hips and ankle weren't strong enough to cope. Wookii was unable to go for walks and was even groaning in pain when he had to stand up after laying down for a sleep, I think he was also depressed.

Now we have been using Joint Guard for only 4 weeks and he has already made an unbelievable improvement. He's back to running around like a puppy, j umping up and down without pain, having long walks and hardly any stiffness at all.

He is just a completely different dog and so much happier, he was so down before when he was in pain and couldn't do much. Now he gets up in the morning and really does have a light in his eyes again.

I just want to say thank you for changing his life and making such a big difference. I wish we had started using Joint Guard a long time ago. We have been telling all of our friends how great it is, hopefully we can prevent other dogs from having to go through what Wookii has.

Thank you

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